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Cruiser Design & Manufacturing

100 Series Illuminated Shifter Trim Plate

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Optional Light

Fits 100 Series Toyota Land Cruisers and Lexus LX470 (1998 - 2002)

Now with shine through letters! These shifter trim panels will illuminate all letters while the vehicle is on, although not super bright with the stock bulb. Optional Super-Bright LED Bulb available (Super-Bright LED setup shown in product photos)

BEWARE: The letter illumination bulb is polarized so it can be inserted the incorrect way. No damage will occur but the bulb will not illuminate if installed incorrectly. Be sure to check for illumination by turning the key to accessory mode with the headlights on to make sure the bulb lights up before putting everything back together.

If your shifter plate is anything like mine, it's scratched, the plastic is bubbling on the inside so that the indicator doesn't work as it should, and the shift lock cap is missing. 

Lucky for us 100 series owners, toyota has completely discontinued the manufacture of the Shifter Trim plate (35921-60210) and if you're able to find one of these unicorns in stock then it'll run you upwards of $200

Fret no longer!

Bringing you the Cruiser Design & Manufacturing Shifter trim plate, this panel pops right into the original slot, has colored inlay's to match the OEM colors, and a nice textured finish to top it off. 

If you'd like a custom color/custom letters on this piece then please send me a message

 Install Video: 100 Series LC/LX Shifter Trim Plate Install - YouTube

Lead Time: 1 Week




2.5" x 1.5" x 3/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Wes Lucas
100 Series Shifter Trim Plate

Well designed and manufactured. Looks 110% better than factory plate. Quick reply on questions I had and shipped immediately after ordering. I will be buying from them again for sure.

Francisco Sifontes

Awesome quality & feel

Dolores Lamm
100 series shift plate

The shift plate is nice but One if the tabs snapped off while installing. I think it will still stay in place but It must not be very sturdy. Hope is holds up for the long haul.

Chad Chambers
100 series shifter trim review

Worked great. The quick connector is a thoughtful addition to the package and the instructional YouTube video was very helpful. Thanks again.

B. Weidner
Shifter Plate Review

Fit perfectly. Thanks for the instructional video. Followed video and everything worked as it should. Well worth the money as it looks so much better now. Thanks!