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100 Series Second Row Cyclone Dome Light

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Tired of fumbling around in the dark due to super dim dome lights? This drop-in Dome Light replacement provides 1800 lumens of bright 360 degree light with a 5 minute installation. 

Sure there are aftermarket LED bulbs that you can drop into the dome for a few bucks, but they are no comparison to this  KC HiLite Cyclone Dome Light. With three of these mounted to the ceiling you're blasting the front row, second row, and even some of the cargo area with bright LED Light. 

No wiring necessary, just pop out the old light cover and bulb, drop the bulb adapter in, plug in the new light and you're all set. 

KC Cyclone V2 Dome Light and all necessary wires for installation are included!  

Installation Video:




2.5" x 1.5" x 3/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Fast turn around. Very communicative. Product is well made and extremely bright. Ordered 4 more products from cruiser designs

Steven C Hairfield
Great product

I ordered both second and third row with plug and play. These are as bright as advertised and a welcome addition to my 100 series. Fit was perfect and went in easily. Recommended for anyone who would like a little more light in their LC.

Patrick Piper
The brightest interior lights ever!

If you want the brightness of the sun in your interior these are the lights for you.