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100 Series LC/LX Large Cup Holder

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Fits 100 Series Toyota Land Cruisers and Lexus LX470 (1998 - 2007)

A Cupholder that directly screws into the center console lid where the original cupholder mounts.

Printed with PLA, this part is designed to hold the largest cups without spilling on the driver or passenger.

With the bottom step being 3.25" in diameter and approximately 2" high, and the top step being almost 4" in diameter with another 2" of height, this is sure to securely hold any beverage you can think of.

Installation Guide

Lead Time: 2 weeks 




2.5" x 1.5" x 3/8"

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Excellent fit, finish could use polish

Cup holder has a very snug fit and install video was easy to follow. Most cups I own now have a secure enough spot. Fits small cups up to large hudroflasks. Some cups will tilt around but none have fallen over or spilled out.

Negatives are on tan color not matching interior and the finish of the plastic being a bit course in spots.

Overall it's the single best quality of life mod I've added

Jennifer Jarrett

I bought this cup holder for my husband's birthday for his 2000 Landcruiser and he's loving it! He watched the video with tips for installment and was able to get his installed with no problem. He's able to use pretty much any cup he wants now, including coffee cups with handles on them. No more spills and we are thrilled. Thanks for a great product!

aurosis reddy
Great product

Very solid, video on YouTube makes it easy to install. Great stuff

Happy wife, happy life.

Quality product, heavy duty. Watched the video and install was less than 10 minutes. Fit perfect and holds all the wife’s coffee mugs perfectly. I didn’t get the one with cup handle cutout because I don’t like when she used to bring cups without lids. She may drive the LC, but it’s still my pride and joy. This is the cup holder Toyota should have made

Bobby Pace
100 Series Large Cup Holder

This product is the absolute best upgrade for the 100. The design and manufacturing is perfect as is the fit. Every type of cup my family uses fits securely and conveniently. An absolute must have for any 100 Series owner!